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What is a voicebot?

Voicebot, or voice assistant, is a cutting-edge tool with which your company can streamline work, increase process efficiency and scale savings. Company reports show a steady increase in the use of voice bots in business areas around the world. Find out more about how to improve your company’s performance using a bot.

The name Voicebot in Polish is translated as voice bot. It is a computer programme that enables the automation of communication with customers. Through the use of a voice interface, voicebot improves contact with users – answering questions, helping to solve a defined type of problem and carrying on a conversation.

Depending on the defined scope of activity, a voice bot can handle a process comprehensively or, for example, be the first filter – a ‘sieve’ – which, after defining the topic/problem and collecting basic information, passes the recognised case to a telephone consultant according to the planned business rules. It becomes an intelligent support that streamlines communication, speeds up customer service and matches the case with a skilled employee for more advanced issues.

Types of bots

Voicebot - advantages

High efficiency and scalability

The voice assistant does not succumb to moods and does not allow itself to be provoked by the customer. These considerations ensure that the bot performs its tasks without any constraints, with no loss of efficiency. The voice consultant does not get tired and is able to effectively serve customers 24 hours a day.

Standardisation of the process and high quality of customer service

Process automation means repetitive operation and speeding up processes. You gain confidence that calls or verification activities are carried out in the same way. This ensures a high level of service and attention to every detail previously considered in the procedures.

Cost reduction

Increasing the number of bots is a paltry cost compared to recruiting, deploying and paying new staff. The use of a voice assistant allows for dynamic business development and greater accessibility for customers.

Machine learning

Thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms, voicebot learns from conversation to conversation and, although the difference between human and bot conversation is still palpable, it is highly qualitative. Voicebot from EasyCall is a second-generation bot that uses the latest technology to facilitate professional customer service.

Access to up-to-date data

The system collects and updates information in real time, on the basis of which it can prepare analyses and report on specific parameters – this also makes work easier and faster and increases the level of control over company processes.

Rapid integration into systems

Voicebot can be seamlessly combined with other tools and systems or become part of a new product, thus creating added value and a competitive advantage for the company.
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Voicebot functions

Voicebots were created to free employees from schematic and repetitive queries. Typically, it is the simple issues that are most prevalent and are the cause of hotline ‘clogging’, causing delays for consultants and being a source of frustration on both sides of the phone. Depending on the creators’ imagination and business needs, it can have many functions, such as

Identification of the customer and the service/case

Customer authorisation

Checking the status of a case

Informing about the amount of the invoice and the payment deadline

Extension of the payment deadline

Recovery of outstanding debts

Confirmation of receipt of payment

Making appointments and booking dates

Confirmation of dates

Reporting an accident

Information on the stage of completion of the order, status of the shipment

Product questions

Activation / deactivation of services

Verification of sales leads

Customer satisfaction survey

Telephone screening in recruitment processes

HR support - reporting of employee issues

Receiving complaints

Because of their ability to analyse the caller’s intentions, voice bots will not only serve the customer in terms of verification or data entry – they will also prove themselves in terms of acquiring leads. Voicebot, after detecting a customer’s possible interest in purchasing a particular product, can ask the caller for their contact details in order to further contact the merchant, send a newsletter, etc.

How does the voicebot work?

A voice assistant is made up of several layers, the interaction of which makes it capable of understanding speech, responding appropriately to situations and learning new things.
voice interface, in particular ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) – automatically recognises human speech and the TTS (Text To Speach) synthesiser allows text to be converted back into voice.
NLU ( Natural Language Understanding) layer.
Conversation layer – this is where the entire knowledge base of the bot is located, as well as some recurring conversation scenarios that we can define for it.
Business logic layer – this is a kind of decision path that determines what action the voice assistant should take under a given instruction from the user.
Integration layers with external systems – connecting to systems, applications, telephony and anything else that will get the job done.
How exactly does voicebot work? Thanks to the aforementioned ASR, STT systems, it is possible to translate speech into text, which is then transferred to the natural speech processing engine. There, a response is created, which is expressed in voice with the help of a synthesiser or collected voiceover recordings. The whole project would not have been possible without the extensive knowledge base, the semantic search engine, which provides the possibility of embedding statements in context, and the aforementioned integrations – e.g. with the CRM system, from where the voice bot draws the necessary data for the service process.

Purpose of the voicebot - examples of applications

Call routing

Call sterring, or call forwarding, is one of the more popular uses of this tool. The bot analyses what is said, defines the subject of the call and immediately directs the caller to the right specialist – thus reducing the time spent waiting for a call and limiting the impatience of the person on the other end of the phone, who normally has to listen to the entire announcement such as “to connect to the claims department press 5”.

Verification of customer/patient data

Voicebot can verify the customer ID number and collect basic data to speed up the service process. The standard multi-step authorisation with voicebot is also much faster and relieves the burden on both the customer and the call centre employee.

Staff training

The voice assistant can be an excellent tool for deploying and enhancing the competence of contact centre employees – in this application, it embodies the customer (it is able to conduct unique conversations).

In which industries will a voice assistant work?

The Polish voicebot provided by EasyCall is a very flexible product that can be adapted to different needs. Currently, the following are very popular in our market:
Bots for medicine
Bots in insurance and banking
Debt collection bots
Bots for e-commerce
Bots in the hospitality industry
Bots in contact centres
Recruitment bots
Bots in education
Voicebot is an intelligent solution that will streamline work in your company and contribute to a significant cost reduction. Contact us to see how a modern Polish voicebot works. Together we will tailor it to the needs of your industry!

Polish Voicebot

There are still simple versions on the market that sound very unnatural and have limited conversational capabilities. Modern voicebots, operating on the basis of advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, are able to conduct high-quality conversations, similar to a conversation with a consultant. The automation of customer contact in contact centres, banking or medicine offers scope for generating huge savings on an annual basis and there are many more industries in which the voicebot will find application.

There are many solutions available on the market – both from foreign and domestic suppliers. Polish Voicebot is comparable to tools from international suppliers in terms of quality and functionality, so the choice should rather be based on the offer of a specific supplier.

Will the Voicebot service replace a real consultant?

Voicebot from EasyCall can replace the consultant in the processes carried out by the call centre. It will relieve the workload of customer service staff and improve the quality of service by improving the operation of the call centre.

In which industries will a voice bot work?

The Voicebot service from EasyCall is successfully used in industries such as hospitality, insurance, automotive, medical, education, retail, finance and many others.