Integration with external systems

Increase productivity through integration!

Integration with external systems

Systems integration is the bringing together of multiple elements into a coherent whole, allowing data to flow freely and streamlining the daily work of their users. Systems can be administrative in nature, collect data or be responsible for highly specialised processes. Depending on their purpose, integration with EasyCall solutions will be slightly different. What they have in common, however, are the benefits, which will include a broad optimisation of work: speeding up specific company processes, increasing employee productivity and the effective exchange of information between units and systems.

Rapid integration

Your existing business process management system can be easily integrated with any of the services available in our portfolio. From the CRM interface, you will efficiently handle your company’s telephone calls and improve communication with customers. Therefore, you do not need new resources, equipment or infrastructure.

We support integration for CRM, ERP and HIS systems

We provide full documentation for our API, which will facilitate the process of integrating our services into any type of system used in the company. With EasyCall you integrate, among other things:
  • HIS (hospital information system) used in the management of medical facilities,
  • an ERP system designed for enterprise resource management and long-term planning,
  • CRM system, making it easier for companies to manage their customer relationships.

All data in one place

The integration of multiple customer contact channels includes handling outbound and inbound calls and allows data to be extracted, such as:
  • telephone number,
  • connection time,
  • call recordings,
  • and many additional variables.
All the connection knowledge will be easily accessible in one place.

Let’s talk about integration

The most frequently integrated functionalities by our customers

Realizing and receiving calls directly in the CRM system with click2dial
Downloading and playing audio files of recorded calls
Sending and receiving SMS messages
Collection of variables such as order ID, customer ID, telephone number, call time
Results of surveys or sales interviews carried out