Medical Voicebot

Automation of patient handling

Professional patient service in registration

The most common form of contact with the doctor’s surgery and clinic is by telephone. However, it can often be unreliable, with many calls being missed, conversations being conducted in a rush between appointments and data being written down somewhere on pieces of paper. The medical voicebot remedies these problems – it improves communication with patients and speeds up the customer service process.

How does the medical voicebot work?

Registering patients and managing your appointment calendar may be easier than you think. Voicebot is a solution that facilitates the work of healthcare professionals and meets the expectations of customers of medical facilities. The service has a built-in voice interface so that it can answer questions asked by the patient, verify information according to a set scenario and help to resolve repetitive issues. An efficient and competent voicebot works for you in e-reception – answering calls without interruption, using a single standard of communication and professionally representing your company to patients!
The medical voice assistant is built with several layers that enable it to understand human speech and the context of speech, carry out logical business conversations and expand the knowledge base.

Voicebot for patient care - benefits

Increasing staff productivity

The medical voicebot handles routine calls and employees can perform more advanced tasks efficiently. The conversation is redirected to the doctor only when the topic is the substantive side of the treatment – thus not only the administrative staff, but also the doctor gains more time for key tasks.

Increased customer satisfaction

The implementation of a medical voicebot results in increased patient satisfaction. Waiting time is significantly reduced and documentation is in order. All information is stored in a database. The patient can count on a professional service – with no delays or mistakes.

Cost reduction

A medical facility with a voicebot is able to handle more cases in less time. You work more efficiently, the organisation earns more and staff costs stay the same – you don’t have to hire more staff and worry about the expense of the recruitment process and induction of a new employee.


Through constant monitoring and analysis, you gain control over your processes and a collection of data that is the basis for further improvements and the creation of new operating processes.
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Medical Voicebot - features

The virtual medical assistant can be used for a variety of industry-specific tasks, but the application possibilities are almost limitless. Typical duties of this voicebot are:

Making appointments

Confirmation of visits

Change of date of an appointment

Update of personal data

Communicating the information about test results


e.g. initial interview, eligibility for treatment, etc.

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A voice bot (voicebot) dedicated to the medical industry carries out appointments, confirms appointments, orders prescriptions, conducts an interview or pre-interview and enables contact with the doctor in emergency situations.

Yes, the integration of a voice bot into a medical facility’s HIS system will enable the automation of all patient-related processes, such as making and confirming appointments, ordering prescriptions, conducting an initial interview or contacting a doctor in emergency situations.