Call centre

System for call centres to realize telephone and multi-channel customer contact

Focus on effective communication

Depending on the specific industry and customer expectations, different models for making calls should be used, such as predictive dialling, progressive or preview. The work of consultants can be supplemented or replaced by automated platforms. The contact automation platform offered by EasyCall implements automatic mass contacts and enables an interactive conversation with the customer – without the involvement of a call centre consultant.

Increase the effectiveness of sales and collection activities

The modern tools offered by EasyCall, combined with our recommended system for call centres and/or automation, will increase the efficiency of your processes.

You will significantly reduce consultants’ idle time by allocating it to effective conversations. You will also increase the scale of your operations and the number of clients or debtors you reach within the same day.

Reach your target audience directly

By using the right call centre system, you will reach your target people more effectively. The system makes it possible to make far more attempted connections, compared to manual operations. In this way, you will only direct contacts to the consultant where a call has been made (depending on the system mode).

You will gain the ability to contact a much larger number of clients or debtors than is the case with traditional models. Within the EasyCall contact automation platform, you will create effective outbound campaigns to send VMS or SMS messages to a wide audience in a short period of time.

Cost optimisation

The call centre system recommended by EasyCall will noticeably reduce the cost of telephone contacts. Call attempts are made automatically and only established calls go to the consultants. In this way, you can meet your targets in several times less time! And by spending the same amount of time – you will make far more effective calls. Using the cc system from EasyCall, the time spent on the call reaches up to 75% of the consultant’s time.

All of this is available in combination with other practical solutions provided by EasyCall, i.e. a platform for automating customer contact, mass SMS/VMS campaigns, tools supporting effective debt collection activities, i.e. differentiated number pools, updating of contact details or verification of the correctness of telephone numbers.

These comprehensive solutions will take your company’s processes to a new dimension of efficiency and quality.

Integrate your call centre system with EasyCall services

System for call centres

What can I do to use EasyCall recommended system for call centres?

Contact EasyCall. Together, we will identify your company’s needs and propose a dedicated, comprehensive solution for you. Whether you are carrying out debt collection, marketing or sales activities – we will select the tools that will allow your company to successfully implement call centre activities. We have solutions for both small call centres and very large ones with up to several hundred stations working at any one time. Call centre systems can operate locally at the customer’s premises or be available in the cloud. We will tailor the right solutions for your business!
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