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What is a Chatbot?

Chatbot, which also functions under terms such as intelligent assistant or virtual advisor, is software that allows companies to automate and standardise customer service processes and generate significant savings. Current technology and EasyCall solutions allow the implementation of a highly efficient and user-friendly helper that customers will love from the first call.
A chatbot is a modern computer programme that is designed to communicate with the user – usually on a defined topic or task. The conversation bot is able to communicate with the interviewee thanks to a knowledge base and a built-in semantic search engine that allows it to find the answer most relevant to the question asked. Some chat bots are also connected to the organisation’s other systems and datasets, which provide the tool with relevant information.

Chatbot - benefits

The list of reasons why companies choose to implement a chatbot continues to grow. Due to the employee market, recruitment difficulties, employee absenteeism and personnel costs (recruitment, implementation and salaries), it is gaining in popularity. What’s more, pandemic times and the transition of company operations from landline to internet form have triggered an avalanche of messages and queues at helplines – the Polish chatbot definitely speeds up the handling of such queries. Key benefits include:

increasing the efficiency of the customer service department,

providing 24-hour customer service,

a reduction in maintenance process costs - by up to half,

relieving employees of the burden of schematic work,

quickly satisfying the need for information - customers and employees,

standardisation of processes,

increased levels of customer and employee engagement,

building customer relationships,

improving the company's image.

The huge popularity of the chatbot in customer service, banking applications and even social media means that we have many opportunities to benefit from its support. It is used as an online chatbot in internet stores. It is also becoming increasingly common as a widget to enable contact on company websites; it is also appearing to support live chat sessions.
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Chatbot functions

The chatbot is intended to have one key functionality – to answer the user’s questions. The user types a question in a box and the online chatbot, acting on the basis of advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and/or rules, searches the knowledge base and integrated external systems, recognises the question and provides the user with a comprehensive answer.

Due to the functions they perform in a company, we can encounter the following division of text bots:

Information chatbots

They act as a knowledge base, answer frequently asked questions as well as communicate news

Trading chatbots

Streamlining e-commerce operations - a shopping assistant helps guide customers through the entire purchase process

Booking chatbots

enable the booking of different types of tickets or appointments (they are connected to the company's systems)

Chatbots for customer service, supporting contact centres

an online chatbot supports customer service departments by solving common problems or navigating the user through the site, in order to relieve the call centre consultant of the burden of answering the most frequently asked questions.

Recruitment chatbots/ virtual HR assistant

are able to receive application documents, carry out the initial interview, provide answers regarding hard HR. They also prove themselves during periodic knowledge tests on a given topic

Marketing chatbots

These include, for example, competition chatbots asking questions and accepting entries, conducting surveys and even... making customers' time more pleasant.

Analysing the current market and enquiries from customers interested in ‘hiring’ a bot, it can be concluded that the Polish chatbot is most often implemented and customised as:

a chatbot for couriers,

a chatbot for couriers,

a chatbot for finance and insurance,

a chatbot for marketing,

a chatbot for HR/recruitment.

How does the chatbot work?

As we mentioned at the beginning, a bot is unequal to a bot – there are both basic solutions on the market that have nothing to do with machine learning and NLP and more advanced chat bots that rely on artificial intelligence (AI) and are capable of learning. Some of them will therefore only use a knowledge base and specific rules, answering in a schematic way precise and quite narrow questions. Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, gives bots the ability to ‘learn’, making them more versatile.

The foundation of the smart advisor is AI technologies:

the AI-based engine makes the robot conversational and is able to analyse and understand the question (along with the context),

auto-correction mechanism - the engine introduces simple linguistic transformations, i.e. improvement of spelling mistakes, use of Polish characters, improvement of typos, etc,

variation and lemmatisation - the chatbot is able to verify the words used in the query and reduce them to their basic form,

automatic response generation module - this works largely on the basis of a knowledge base containing factual data and also information that helps to create the impression of a normal conversation, e.g. "hello/thank you/question does not concern my area of expertise", etc.

finding in the message named elements and data supplementing the user's intention - e.g. the name of the product or type of service as well as related factors - feature (e.g. package weight), time, location , date, etc.

synonymisation - thanks to the synonym dictionary, words are also analysed for their synonyms,

the most common solution is a mixed one - a chat bot with AI that also uses defined rules.

What are the advantages of a mixed chat bot? As we know, any discussion, including a conversation with a bot, can develop in many, often unpredictable directions. This tool is used for 24/7 customer service, e.g. contact centre, website, live chat, etc., so companies must ensure that the programme presents the company’s values and objectives in its statements – even if it talks to people who speak in an unacceptable manner. Usually these are real-time conversations where there is no time to rectify the situation – the application of rules and the level of predictability thus guaranteed protects the company from the robot learning unwanted behaviour.

Types of chatbots

With regard to functionality, it is very common to find a distinction between task-based and conversational chatbots. What are the differences?

Task-based chatbot

It works schematically and is predictable - it performs one main task or answers a closed group of questions based on rules - the information it conveys is repetitive, it does not go beyond a defined key. It is perfect for customer service in terms of so-called FAQs - answering frequently asked questions.

Conversation chatbot

Such a conversational robot doesn't just answer defined questions - it can be said to have a dialogue with users. Its operation is based on rules and also on machine learning, so that in addition to repetitive responses, it can learn and create a conversation similar to a human conversation. The chat bot is connected to powerful databases with significantly more resources than the database for the task bot.

Why choose a chatbot from EasyCall?

Polish Chatbot is an advanced technological solution that is tailored to the needs and specificities of the client and allows work to be streamlined in many areas. When implementing a bot, it is worth looking not only at the origin and price, but also at the level of sophistication and overall capabilities of the bot, the question of feeding your own content into the bot’s resources and the reporting system offered. Easycall is a telecommunications company that has been simplifying contact for many years. We provide the Polish market with a chatbot and many other solutions to improve communication within the company. Find out more about opportunities to optimise operations and costs together with Easycall.

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