Virtual consultant

Professional customer service with EasyCall VoiceBot

Automation of customer service

The service voicebot will conduct an automated interactive conversation with the customer according to a planned scenario. Allow your customers to contact you regardless of the hour and day of the week. Expand your customer base without fear of running out of call/contact centre staff. A virtual agent guarantees professional service support in your company!

Virtual consultant - benefits

Constant customer contact with the company 24/7

VoiceBot operates regardless of the time of day or week, giving your customers the confidence to receive the support and service they need even in emergency situations. The virtual agent will instantly process the information obtained and propose an effective solution to the customer’s standard problems.

Increased trust in the company

Customers who are satisfied with the service will be more likely to use your services and recommend them to others. You will build long-term positive relationships.

Quick setup

The automatic communication system is implemented only once and works for you all the time. We will take care of system implementation and configuration. We will tailor the operation of the function to your company’s needs.

Service development and cost reduction

VoiceBot is able to improve customer service – handling more enquiries and, if necessary, transferring the call to a Consultant. You can increase the number of customers served without a drop in service quality. VoiceBot takes the work out of your employees. This allows you to delegate consultants to other, more creative tasks. Even if the number of clients served increases, you have no need to hire new people.


Through monitoring and analysis, you can monitor the effectiveness of the system in real time. You can use the data collected to create new service processes.
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Verification of leads from the website using a virtual consultant

VoiceBot contacts customers who have left their contact details on the website, and after an initial verification of reaching the correct person, confirms their interest in the offer to which the lead was collected, which can be any offer, such as insurance or a loan. If the call fails or encounters a voicemail, VoiceBot can leave a callback request or retry at any other time during the day.Our VoiceBot can verify tens of thousands of leads per day. The VoiceBot voice used to communicate with the customer can be a voiceover or speech synthesis.

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A voice assistant (Voicebot) is a modern tool that enables you to automate communication with your company’s customers. It will provide answers to the most frequently asked questions, assist in solving a defined type of problem and reduce the cost of daily customer service.

The voice assistant (Voicebot) enables customer service processes, e.g. answering frequently asked questions, accepting requests and complaints, making and confirming appointments, conducting surveys and taking orders for services and products.