Virtual PBX

What is a virtual PBX?

The virtual PBX is a practical tool that offers extensive possibilities and tangible benefits from the very first days of operation. The process of implementing the service itself is simple and, above all, fast. It is used by both small and large companies that are primarily focused on growth. A virtual telephone exchange makes it possible to expand the communication infrastructure and thus improve the efficiency of the company’s operations.

The virtual PBX is complemented by a set of practical tools and Unified Communications, which allow, among other things:

call forwarding,

preparation of voice announcements (IVR),

call queuing,

receiving faxes without the need to purchase a machine.

Benefits of the virtual PBX

Find out the areas in which the EasyCall virtual switchboard will support and improve the operation of your business


The VPBX virtual switchboard is a single, easy-to-remember main landline or 80x hotline number to contact your company. Customer service via an extensive hotline ensures that no question goes unanswered. You will accept orders or requests from your customers, whatever the time.


By choosing the EasyCall offer, you save up to 60%, compared to the price list of a traditional operator. How is this possible? Much of our additional services are free of charge. The VPBX virtual switchboard also does not generate additional costs, you can completely dispense with the purchase of a fixed PBX for your company, there are no additional costs associated with the development of the communications infrastructure. The services are provided on the basis of the SaaS (software as a service) model and made available in the so-called cloud.


The configuration of the individual tools is available within the VoIP PBX. You will define them intuitively, thanks to the drag & drop technique. You can manage your user panel from anywhere you use the Internet. As part of the EasyCall package, you will benefit from solutions that are friendly to your company, such as IVR voice announcements or extension numbers and queuing.

Rapid implementation

You will adapt your switchboard step by step with the help of an EasyCall expert.
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Virtual PBX functions

Voice announcements

Set up a professional greeting effortlessly, also with the help of the built-in speech synthesiser

Call queuing

People waiting for calls will hear a message about their position on the waiting list

Internal numbers

Each employee will be given his or her own number to help redirect calls

Free calls

Calls within the company and between branches are free of charge

Number grouping

Quickly create groups of numbers within individual company departments

Data exchange

The customer receives feedback on the status of his or her order or complaint, which can be retrieved thanks to the possibility of integrating the virtual switchboard with, among other things, the CRM

Call forwarding

Allows calls to be redirected to a mobile number or voicemail

Graphic interface

Operation of the control panel does not require any technical skills and is fully intuitive thanks to the use of the drag and drop method

SMS dispatch

Enables the sending of SMS messages to customers who contact the company, e.g. when the company is closed

Sending and receiving faxes

Gives the opportunity to receive and send a fax to the person who made contact with the company


Allows receiving voice messages and sending them to a designated e-mail address

Conditional voice announcements

The type of announcement can depend on the conditions you choose, e.g. time of day

Choose a service package tailored to your company's needs

Our telecoms packages are tailored to companies of all sizes. Tell us about your expectations and we will find the optimal solution for your company, offering a personalised approach and recommendations.

Large companies with an ISDN PRA PBX or their own PBX system and/or looking for a point-to-point internet connection are also welcome to contact us. Our business advisor will prepare an individual offer tailored to your requirements.

Voice account (one number from any numbering zone) from as little as PLN 14.90 net per month*.

Virtual switchboard X (1 main number, 10 channels + 2 PSTN numbers + 200 free minutes to Polish fixed and mobile numbers) from as little as PLN 49.00 net per month*.

SIP Trunk (10 channels) from as little as PLN 39.00 net per month*.

*with a 24-month contract


15,90 zł



69 zł



89 zł


Najczęściej wybierany!


199 zł



299 zł



Wycena indywidualna
Jeżeli twoja firma posiada więcej niż 25 linii skontaktuj się z nami. Gwarantujemy korzystne cenowo rozwiązanie na najwyższym poziome dostępności indywidualny pakiet usług oraz wiele poziomów SLA
Wybierz już teraz plan taryfowy dopasowany do potrzeb Twojej firmy. Już od 15,90 zł netto miesięcznie – do 100% abonamentu przeznaczone do wykorzystania na rozmowy

Example of virtual PBX configuration

See a sample configuration of the virtual switchboard that we created for the operation of a trading company. It assumes call routing related to the division of the company into relevant departments and field staff.

Group of traders
Linking in a fixed order or with all numbers at the same time
Technician in the field
Redirecting a call to a technician’s mobile phone in the field
Accountant in the office
Connection to an accountant located in the office
Out-of-office employee
Set up call forwarding to voicemail
Fax forwarding

Virtual telephone exchange - additional benefits

The telephone exchange, depending on the package selected, offers more than 5,000 free minutes. In practice, such a number is quite sufficient even for very demanding users. The online PBX enables the use of second-generation voicebots to streamline business operations. Debt collection voicebots are very popular. Service automation using AI, or artificial intelligence, is ideal for making appointments not only in medical practices, but also in hair salons, spa salons and other such places.

VoIP telephone PBX - no hidden costs

The virtual PBX runs on a cloud-based system that is independent of the company’s infrastructure. What does this mean in practice? Above all, stable and trouble-free operation in any situation. The telephone exchange is tailored to the individual needs of businesses. A VoIP telephone exchange generates fixed monthly costs. This solution means that you do not have to worry about hidden charges associated with, for example, the maintenance or upkeep of traditional telephone lines and equipment.

Why use our services?

We are distinguished above all by our many years of experience in the telecommunications market. We carry out both small and large-scale implementations, tailored to individual customer requirements. The complete offer means that all work is carried out by our experienced experts. In practice, this means a short implementation time, while maintaining the highest standards of work. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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How does the Virtual PBX work?

The virtual switchboard from EasyCall is a practical tool that offers extensive possibilities and tangible benefits from the very first days of operation. It has functionalities such as voice announcements, queuing, redirection and SMS/mail notifications sent to customers and employees. The process of implementing the service itself is simple and, above all, fast. It is used by both small and large companies that are primarily focused on growth. A virtual telephone exchange makes it possible to expand the communication infrastructure and thus improve the efficiency of the company’s operations.

How much does a virtual switchboard cost

In the EasyCall offer, the Virtual PBX service is available from as little as PLN 49 net/month. Full functionality is available as part of the subscription, including, for example, voice announcements, queuing, redirection and SMS/mail notifications to customers and employees.


A virtual PBXis a scheme for an incoming call to our hotline, it allows for the creation of announcements, queuing of calls as well as adding internal numbers in the switchboard. The price starts from 49 PLN net.

The benefits include the possibility of giving up a physical switchboard device, availability anywhere after logging into the user panel. The ability to handle all potential customers through queuing systems, announcements and additional switchboard tools, such as call recording.