High call quality via SIP TRUNK and simple handling of multiple calls simultaneously.

What is SIP TRUNK?

SIP TRUNK is a modern replacement for traditional digital telephony carried out on ISDN PRA/BRA lines, which allows multiple telephone calls to be made simultaneously via a so-called virtual channel (TRUNK). SIP TRUNK enables multi-channel voice transmission over the Internet and uses the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) for this.

Use the full potential of SIP TRUNK for your business

Scalability of the service

The seamless scalability of the number of calls made to a given number (hotline) via SIP TRUNK on the Internet will allow you to freely increase the number of customers served and no call to your company will go unanswered. Select a convenient number of channels depending on how many employees will be talking at the same time. Combine and select the services that work best for your business. Specify a maximum number of voice calls, record the calls and use the recordings in the future. Voicemail can also be handled within SIP TRUNK.

Negotiation of rates

We provide the opportunity to negotiate rates for domestic and international calls, further optimising the cost of making them. Foreign numbering will ensure contact with contractors with whom your company also carries out projects abroad. Receive calls from multiple foreign branches in one place, e.g. your company’s head office – choose the SIP TRUNK service with foreign numbering.


You can use the SIP TRUNK service from anywhere. Are you at a client meeting or working remotely? With solutions from EasyCall, it doesn’t matter – you can use SIP TRUNK wherever Internet access is provided.

Foreign numbering

With the SIP TRUNK service, you can set up a presentation with any number. Maybe it was the main hotline number – landline, mobile and also foreign. This allows you to receive calls from many foreign branches in one place, e.g.: your company headquarters.

As part of the basic offer you gain:

  • 10 channels allowing 10 simultaneous calls
  • 10 Polish landline numbers
  • possibility to extend the service with additional channels or foreign and mobile numbers
from as little as
net per month

Tailor the SIP TRUNK service to your needs

Why is it worth investing in SIP TRUNK?

Does handling dozens or even hundreds of calls at the same time require a huge financial investment? Not necessarily. With SIP TRUNK, anyone who needs to call even a very busy call centre has the opportunity to do so.

SIP TRUNK calls, which means that every customer can be reached

Fast response to offers and a helpful call centre are among the many elements that distinguish a professional company. In order for the company to keep growing, new customers are essential. By using a SIP VoIP package, you can be sure that anyone interested in the products or services offered by your company will instantly call the right person. No company can afford to lose customers simply because they did not call the helpline in time.

What benefits does the SIP TRUNK package provide?

SIP calls make it possible, above all, to reduce costs. In practice, this means free calls between all offices connected to a single VoIP system. Another advantage is the ability to analyse data in detail, enabling the company to operate even more efficiently. The greater the knowledge of the customer, the higher the quality of service. Flexible capacity, i.e. the ability to change the number of connections handled at the same time, is also an important feature. This is extremely important for businesses where periods of increased call volume occur periodically.

Why use the EasyCall offer?

Our company has many years of experience in the telecommunications market. We specialise in both large and demanding as well as small-scale system implementations. We guarantee to provide the service in the shortest possible time, while maintaining the highest standards of work. If you have any questions about SIP TRUNK or other services offered by our company, please feel free to contact us. Our advisors will help you choose a solution tailored to your requirements

What is SIP TRUNK?

It is a modern alternative to traditional analogue lines. It opens up the possibility of having between one and a dozen conversations at the same time, depending on the number of channels purchased in a given offering. It is used for outgoing as well as incoming calls. Sip TRUNK allows you to make calls, record phone calls or transmit video.

What are the costs of the SIP TRUNK service charges?

The monthly cost of Sip Trunk for 10 channels, where 10 simultaneous calls can be made, starts from as little as PLN 39 net.


What is the difference between a virtual telephone exchange and SIP TRUNK?

A virtual switchboard is a service that enables telephone calls to be made and managed via the internet. It runs on the operator’s servers and does not require the customer to purchase additional equipment. Through the use of virtual telephone exchanges, the customer can benefit from various functions, i.e. call forwarding, call recording or call and video call recording.

The SIP Trunk service is dedicated to telephone exchanges – it enables incoming traffic from all public numbers on a SIP account and the presentation of outgoing traffic from the user’s exchange to be managed (allows telephone exchanges to be connected to the operator’s network using the SIP protocol). This allows the customer to use the PBX functions mentioned above.

The difference is that the virtual PBX runs on the operator’s servers, while the SIP Trunk service enables the customer’s PBX to be connected to the operator’s network. A virtual PBX is usually the cheaper and more flexible option, as it does not require the purchase and installation of additional equipment, while a SIP Trunk may be more beneficial for companies that already have their own PBX and want to use it by connecting it to the operator’s network.

SIP TRUNK and VoIP services – what do they have in common?

VoIP telephony and SIP Trunk are related because both SIP Trunk and VoIP use the SIP protocol to transmit voice.

The difference between VoIP and SIP Trunk is that VoIP is a generic technology that allows voice calls to be transmitted over an internet connection (the successor to IP telephony), while SIP Trunk services allow a telephone exchange to be connected to the operator’s network. With SIP Trunk, VoIP is one of the possible methods of voice transmission. EasyCall, as a telecommunications operator, provides VoIP internet telephony and a range of additional services.

What is a SIP account?

A SIP Trunk is an account with assigned telephone numbers that allows calls to be made using VoIP (internet telephony) technology. Authentication on a SIP account is done by entering a username and password. There is also a non-registration option – the IP address to which the internet packet with signalling and voice is sent must be entered.

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