Multichannel communication

Modern telecommunications solutions with EasyCall


Use an innovative, effective and professional tool for helplines based on artificial intelligence. Voicebot will automatically answer calls, perform question analysis and provide answers. Integration with IVR will effectively relieve traffic on the helpline and support consultants in their daily work.

Virtual PBX

Take customer service to a higher level and discover the benefits of the VPBX virtual telephone exchange. An intuitive interface will allow for convenient configuration, and you will find all the tools you need in a practical cloud.

SIP trunk

Do you already have an exchange? Take advantage of the potential of handling multiple calls at the same time. Choose high-quality voice connections via SIP TRUNK.

Mass SMS/VMS campaigns

Bet on mass communication using voice messages (VMS) and SMS messages. Carry out effective campaigns and verify reachability thanks to advanced statistics.

Integration with external systems

Connect our services with any CRM, ERP or HIS system. Integrate with our API and effectively develop all customer contact channels.

EasyCall VoIP Telephony

Join thousands of EasyCall customers who have chosen modern VoIP internet telephony. Regardless of where you are, you can establish a cheap and high-quality telephone connection. Abandon all the limitations of landline telephony – analogue and switch to digital reliability and mobility.

How does VoIP work? Using this technology is easy and does not require additional equipment. Talk from anywhere, using the device you have at hand – phone, tablet or computer. VoIP telephony (Voice over IP) is an ideal solution for both individual and business customers. Business customers will particularly appreciate such possibilities of internet telephony as: SIP trunk, teleconferences, virtual exchange with voice announcements (IVR) or call recording. See for yourself that EasyCall is the best VoIP service on the market, transfer your company’s landline phone to us and enjoy the benefits of digital telephony. EasyCall provides VoIP solutions for operators and individual customers.

VoIP means low costs and big savings

Calls in the EasyCall network are completely free, and other domestic and foreign ones start from 5gr/min. In the customer panel, you can monitor all costs associated with calls and additional services on an ongoing basis. The VoIP service also means no need to use extensive infrastructure – a simple phone supporting SIP communication or a softphone application available on smartphones and PCs or laptops is enough to operate. Try cheap calls in the EasyCall network now.

VoIP means independence and convenience

EasyCall is a VoIP operator who values your independence and mobility. Talk from any location and freely switch between your smartphone, tablet or computer. The intuitive online user platform allows you to control connections. You also don’t have to sign commitments and pay a subscription, as we operate in a pre-paid system.

VoIP is more than just calls, it's services available in the cloud

The VoIP service offers many additional conveniences and possibilities, especially for business users – virtual exchange, IVR, foreign numbering, call recording or fax2mail. Thanks to the call forwarding service, you can always stay in touch with customers, using your favourite number.

Voicebot Benefits

Voicebot is an essential solution for every company serving customers! Intelligent software streamlines the work not only of advisors and consultants, but also recruiters, doctors and specialists from many other industries. The voice assistant reduces operational costs and contributes to raising the standard of customer service. Together with EasyCall, you will adapt the voice bot to effectively support you in daily challenges!

Automation of helpline service relieves consultants from daily, repetitive queries, saving time and reducing costs.

The virtual agent operates 24/7, allowing your customers to receive the information they need at any time.

Integration with internal systems allows for quick and effective response to the needs of customers and employees.

Types of Bots

Debt Collection Bot

Dedicated to companies specializing in debt recovery. Ready-made components allow for the construction of an effective communication process with debtors.


A solution aimed at medical facilities that require effective and quick handling of a large number of voice calls from patients.

Virtual Consultant

Automatic handling of multiple connections at the same time. Thanks to intent recognition, it will guide even the most resistant customer.


A solution aimed at medical facilities that require effective and quick handling of a large number of voice calls from patients.


A professional bot for companies, used in sales and customer service. Transform traffic from your website into real profit.

Virtual Exchange

The virtual telephone exchange is a simple and intuitive solution, operating based on VoIP technology. Bet on complexity! The VPBX telecommunications exchange allows you to manage connections without the need to purchase additional equipment or perform time-consuming installations – the virtual exchange operates based on EasyCall software. VoIP technology is more than just conversations – it’s services available in the cloud!

The telephone exchange is complemented by a set of Unified Communications tools that streamline both customer service and communication between employees. They allow, among others, to redirect calls, teleconferences, create voice announcements (IVR), queue calls and conduct correspondence in the form of a fax without a fax machine (virtual fax).

SIP trunk

SIP TRUNK is an alternative to digital telephony implemented on ISDN PRA/BRA links. This solution allows the handling of many voice connections at the same time – it uses a so-called virtual channel and VoIP internet telephony for this. On one SIP account, you can conduct even several dozen conversations at the same time. SIP TRUNK allows for multi-channel voice transmission via the Internet. Importantly, it also gives – within the assigned numbering – freedom in terms of identifying outgoing connections.

The main advantages of SIP TRUNK are mobility (you use it wherever you have the Internet), great flexibility and easy system configuration, as well as the possibility of directing all incoming traffic to one company number.

Sip trunk

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Kampanie masowe sms

Mass SMS/VMS Campaigns

EasyCall provides an advanced platform for sending and receiving text and voice messages – manage advertising and informational campaigns from one place! Mass sending of text and voice messages increases the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Use SMS and VMS to send notifications and alerts to your customers. The use of multi-channel communication and automatic communication scenarios will increase the effectiveness of marketing and debt collection activities, reduce operating costs and facilitate reaching the target group!

Integration with external systems

Connect EasyCall solutions with systems that you use in the company! This will increase work efficiency and improve internal communication. Be sure that everyone works on the same resources and has up-to-date data. We support integrations for CRM systems, ERP class solutions and HIS. Bet on easy access to all data collected in one place. Organize and organize the activities of your employees.
Integracja z systemem crm